How it works

Canvisi's user behavior tracking provides predictive customer health.

Our comprehensive solution integrates directly with your application.

Install Tracking Code

Install the tracking code on your web application. We then begin the process of analyzing your user's behavior.

We work with you to not only track common actions, but those custom to your product.

Gather Data & Customize

We'll gather common events, as well as custom actions required by your business.

As we gather data we put together a full picture of your users' engagement

Identify Personas

Our platform allows you to identify  personas of highly engaged customers, as well as customers at risk of churn.

These personas give you an accurate view of all your customers.

What you can expect

Platform Features

Automate & stay ahead of your customers. Reduce churn & grow revenue.

User Behavior Analysis

Nothing identifies success more than user behavior. Our system intelligently monitors all users, allowing you to know who's engaged.

Customer Health Tracking

Canvisi monitors and leverages user behavior to help you identify who's engaged, and who's about to churn. Prioritize your outreach, getting the most productivity from your team.

CRM Integration

Automate tasks and keep your data consolidated on your preferred CRM platform.

Customization for Your App

We'll customize our platform to track what matters to your app, in addition to standard tracking points.

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