Full service customer Success Platform

Canvisi is
Customer Success for Startups

Startups are chaotic.
Most get caught in an endless cycle of crisis reaction.
It doesn't have to be that way.

Canvisi is your Customer Success platform & team.
From analyzing customer / product utilization, to onboarding, to proactive outreach.
We've got you covered.

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Prevent Escalations

Escalations are time consuming. We track your customers' health & identify problems before they do. We proactively engage, making you look like a hero.

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Learn & Iterate Faster

With our professionals engaging with your customers, you'll learn what your customers need. We build relationships so you can build amazing products.

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Grow Revenue

We'll help your customers make the most out of your product. As they discover more value, and feel their voices heard, average account value increases.

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What you can expect

Our Platform & Services

Don't leave revenue on the table with your existing customers.

Customer & Application Utilization Monitoring

Our system identifies problems before they occur. From utilization tracking, to problem identification. Our system can help you identify issues and improve feature utilization.

Customer Health Tracking

We'll provide a report card for all your customers. Simple data at a high-level, with details to dive in. Remediation plans for those at-risk.

User Interviews & NPS

We'll interview your users, diving into why they love you, and what's stressing the relationship. We'll uncover things that normally reside in your blind-spot.

Proactive Outreach Campaigns

As a startup, we know what metrics matter. We track what matters most to you, and can identify problems before customers can. It's at that point we reach out and delight.

For startups at any stage.

Customer Success you can afford.

No matter if you have 5 or 5,000 customers. We help you grow your relationships with your existing customers, created engaged users who are happy to expand their business with you at scale.

We're happy to show you how much better life is with our Customer Success platform & professionals. Let's build our relationship, starting today.

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